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Funds to Repair

WOW 90.9's Transmission Line


You may recall that last October, WOW 90.9 was off-the-air for more than a week after taking a direct lightning strike on our tower.  We sustained some damage to the transmitter and major damage to the transmission line that goes from the transmitter to the antenna.  WOW's Engineer determined that we needed to replace more than 500 feet of very expensive copper transmission line.

Over several months, we tried to find used replacement line, and eventually we were put in touch with WKRG News 5 in Mobile, which generously donated all the line that we needed from their unused line supply.  We are so thankful for WKRG and their parent organization NexStar.

Now WOW Radio needs to raise funds to:

  • Transport the cable from Mobile, AL, to WOW 90.9's transmitter site in Castleberry.
  • Purchase all the new mounting brackets, O rings, adapters, and hardware necessary to mount the line to the tower and connect it to both the transmitter and antenna.
  • Hire a tower climbing crew to climb up the 500-plus foot tower to take down the damaged line and install the new line.
  • Complete additional repairs and parts replacements to the existing transmitter.

We want to thank those that gave in our recent one-day Mission: Transmission fundraiser.  Unfortunately, we did not raise all that is needed.  So if you have not given before, we are  asking you to pray and see if the Lord will lead you to give again for this one time capital expenditure for your radio station?  Will you help meet the goal to improve 90.9’s signal?



WOW 90.9’s uses secure sites for processing gifts.

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The most cost-effective way to give is the “WOW WAY.” By using electronic funds transfer (EFT) through your bank it's not only easier for you, its better stewardship for us. Chose “Donate by EFT/Check” above and after entering your information, click “monthly recurring” at the bottom of the form. Then your donation will be set. You can set it and forget it! It will automatically process on the 15th of each month. If you would like it to process on a on a different day, we can do that too.

Donate by EFT/Check

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THANK YOU for giving to the WOW Radio Ministry!

Because of your generosity and on-going support, WOW 90.9 has been on-the-air over 8 years, broadcasting in south Alabama and northwest Florida.  WOW Radio can also now be heard on 101.1 in the Pensacola area.

WOW Radio was led by God to operate non-commercially and to rely on Him to provide the needed finances through the donations of listeners just like you.  The WOW Radio ministry is not affiliated with any one organization or church.  We do not receive support from the government via grants or other subsidies.  We depend on individual listeners from many different organizations and denominations to keep us operational. 

WOW® 90.9 and 101.1 in Pensacola is a non-commercial educational radio station dedicated to reaching as many people for Christ as possible through music, ministry, and community outreach.  All donations to Agape Educational Media, Inc. (a Florida Non-Profit Corporation registered with the Secretary of State) are tax deductible as applicable by law. Consult your tax professional for your specific situation.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization [Federal Tax I.D.# 26-0672612].

WOW Radio is a ministry of integrity.  Our volunteers, board of directors, and staff hold each other to high standards. WOW Radio will demonstrate the highest standards of board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of financial resources.

Note: You will receive a a year-end statement documenting your gift for your tax records.

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Many listeners still like to write us a check. Feel free to send your check or money order, made payable to WOW Radio, to the address listed on our contact page.

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