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To allow adequate time, please submit your Event no more than 3 months before but no less than 2 weeks prior to the Event occurring. To submit an Event to the WOW 90.9 calendar, please complete the following entire form and hit the "Add Event" button at the bottom.


Below please provide contact information for the event you're submitting. The information provided in this section will not be shared publicly or with a third party, unless it matches the information provided in the event contact section below. This information may be used by WOW 90.9 to verify information you provided, or request more information about your event.

Event Information

Event Location Details

Event Contact Information

Below please enter any points of contact your event may have.

*** This information will be shared publicly ***

Additional Information

Please note: Uploaded images must be in one of the following formats (jpg / jpeg / png / gif).




Guidelines for submitting an Event

  • You must be a church or 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in order to have your event posted on the WOW website.
  • This event calendar is for special events only. It is not intended for recurring, weekly meetings or regular church services. Items submitted which are not identified as a special event will not be approved.
  • The contact person for the submission will be held responsible for the accuracy of the event content.
  • Your event will not be accepted if submitted in ALL CAPS.
  • Due to volume of submissions we are no longer able to accept submissions via Phone, Fax, Mail, or Email. All event submissions must be posted through this online form.
  • To allow adequate time, please submit your Event no more than 3 months before but no less than 2 weeks prior to the Event occurring. Events may only be scheduled for one calendar year at a time. Please allow up to 10 days for an event to be posted.
  • Events submitted to the website are not guaranteed to be put on the air unless you have paid for that service. To have guaranteed announcements on the air, you will want to call the office at 850-889-4157 and speak with someone about that option.
  • For additional information about Public Service Announcements or for a more detailed or "enhanced" promotion of an event or concert, see the Promote Your Event page.
  • WOW 90.9 reserves the right to edit, reject, or remove any submissions at any time, for any reason or NOT to announce an event at all.

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