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A Question Of Faith movie

A Question of Faith Movie poster EMAIL Header

“Amazing film…speaks to the soul.”
- Vance Hughes, Life Songs Christian Radio, Baton Rouge
"This is the best film of faith we've ever seen.”
- Charles Cameron, Pocket Testament League, Dallas
"Redemption and anointing. Authentic reverence of God.
Answered prayers miraculously.”

- Thelma Wells, Women of God Ministries, Dallas
“The film was extraordinary!! It touches the core of your faith and sparks your emotion. Awesome story. Very thought provoking …”
- Marcia Morton-Gutrick, Metropolitan United Methodist Church, DC
“Strong, powerful faith message of drawing closer to God in
adversity and forgiveness.”

- Maria Wadsworth, St Louis Catholic/Respect Life Ministry, Miami
“Heartwarming, impactful, touching, emotional and real. A must see!”
- Corinne Manns, Chicago West Bible Church, Chicago
“Excellent! Uplifting! Inspirational!”
- Pastor Jim Broad, Progressive Baptist Church, Phoenix









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