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The End of Watch Memorial Ruck - Santa Rosa County

The End of Watch Memorial Ruck (#EOWMR)
May 16-18
Milton, FL

This event, called the End of Watch Memorial Ruck is in its second year and is organized by the End of Watch Foundtion (EOWF) and the First Judicial Circuit Law Enforcement Association. (FLCLEA)

Athletes (ruckers), volunteers and sonsors interested in th event are encouraged to visit for more information

Or Contact Caleb Cook, 850-232-1264 or Joshua Schwitzerlatt 850-313-3376 or email

Teams of athletes will set out in a relay event to ruck 150 miles across Santa Rosa County over the course of 55 hours. These athletes will work as teams to carry 150 one-pound weights across 150 miles. Each weight bears the name of an officer who died in the line of duty in 2018. From the pine forests of the north to the beautiful sandy beaches in the south, they will cover the entirety of the county to show support for those who gave their lives in the line of duty.

"Having participated in a number of endurance events, I decided it was time to put my efforts into something bigger than myself," said Caleb Cook, the founder of the event. "Everything about the EOWMR honors the fallen and shows support for our officers who continually carry the weight of a day's shift home with them."





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