Thank You For Being A Life Saver!

Robin, Andalusia $900
Bent Pine Contractors, Brewton $500
Robert & Patricia, Georgiana $150
Gina, Opp $5.00 mthly
Joe, Pace $100
Patricia, Castleberry $100
Karen, Andalusia $100
Andalusia Mills Employees, Andalusia $ 100
Leslie, Uriah $461
Beverly, Frisco City $50
Maria, McDavid $100
Richard & Mary, Monroeville $30
Mike & Kim, Frisco City, $25
CC Rider Jr., Excel $100
Keith & Beverly, Monroeville $150
Carlos & Patricia, Andalusia, $30 monthly
Dianne, Andalusia $100
Sara, Brewton, $25
Sidney & Susan, Monroeville $50
Bobby, Pensacola, $100
Derek & Tammy, Andalusia $100
Cathy, Atmore $100
Corey & Amy, Andalusia $100
Stanley & Lee, Castleberry $100
Leanne, Georgiana, $100
Geni, Milton $100
Douglas & Judy, Grove Hill $100
Shayne, Red level $180
Joan, Gulfport MS $100
Debra, Andalusia $100.00
Krystle, Molino $50.00
Shirley, Peterman $50.00
Audry, Repton $100.00
Lisa, Cantonment $100
Kelly, Andalusia $30
Mike's Automotive, Monroev. $1,000
Anonymous $1000
Peggy, Flomaton $50
Jane, Greenville - $50
Jane, Brewton $1000
Audry, Repton $100
Amy, Brewton $30
Jeff, Frisco City $100
Steve, Evergreen $360
Angela, Andalusia $20
Wanda, Jay $50
Amy, Andalusia $500
Holli, Brewton $200
Chris, Evergreen $100
Lisa, Cantonment $100
Walter, Crestview $100
Sheila, Monroeville $20
Wanda, Jay $50
Sherry, Atmore $30
Enola, $25.00
David, Wing $100
John, Monroeville $30
Gwynne, Brewton $200
James, Evergreen $100
Paul, McDavid $300
Shelise, Monroeville $30 mthly
James, Pensacola $50
James, Evergreen $100
Anna, Baker $20
Steve, $360
Jill, Atmore $1,200
Chris, Evergreen $100
Corey, Andalusia $500
Vonda, Atmore $50
Sarah $50
Tim, Brewton $500
Pam, Monroeville 50
Gwen, Florala $100
Guy & Metra, Brewton $100
Valerie, Castleberry $100
Tiffany, Brewton $30
Rebecca, Andalusia $50
Megan, Brewton $75
Amanda, Jay $50
William, Atmore $500
Yves Cote Drywall $500
Yves Cote Drywall $50 mthly
Judy, Brewton $5.00 increase mthly
Sandy, Molino $10
Jamie, Brewton $100
Perry & Jackie $50
Heather, Red Level $30
Z88 Orlando $3,000
Vance $30
Michael, Monroeville $300
Mike's Automotive $300
Dana, Monroeville $88
Barrows Furniture $125 Flomaton
Kristen, Laurel Hill $100
Patti, Georgiana $100
Nana, Atmore $50
Melissa $20
Slade, Opp $100
Cassandra, Atmore $10
John & Teresa, Andalusia $50
John, Flomaton $100
Farrah, Brewton $30
Ashley, Castleberry $25
Cathy, Milton $100
Renee', Crestview $100
Debbie, Jay $100
Monroe Signs $40
Robert $500
Kathryn, Castleberry $25
Ann, Red Level $25
Shelby, Florala $20
Rachel, Brewton $50
Phyllis, Dozier $100
Tim, Milton $50
LaFonda, Red Level $25
Kimberly, Crestview $100
Holly, Monroeville $50
Mark, Castleberry $100
Ana, Baker $31 mthly
Ginger, Frisco $100
Jessica, Brewton $100
Rhonda, Brewton $30 mthly
Gerald, McKenzie $100
Frederick, Jay $730
Audrey, Brewton $150
Tracey, Frisco City $30
Blake, Greenville $100
Mike, Jackson $365
Melanie, Monroeville $365
Bennie, Monroeville $100
Carol, Monroeville $100
Nadia, Peterman $50
Cathy, Crestview, $100
Edwina, Brewton $50
John, Monroeville $1,200

Current Amount Raised

Updated: April 28 1:50pm

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You can still be a Life Saver!  You and everyone else that takes ownership of WOW 90.9 has a part in saving lives.  Because of your giving, the Lord is using WOW 90.9 to reach thousands of listeners with a message of hope.  That hope is changing lives in your community for eternity.

We hear so many stories from listeners whose lives have been saved, changed and impacted because of how God is using WOW 90.9.  An untold number of men, women and children have found life saving hope and encouragement from the music and positive messages played on-the-air 24/7.  It is impossible to overstate the impact of hearing the “right song at just the right time” when listeners needed it the most!

The WOW 90.9 2017 Spring Fundraiser is over.  We reached 61.7% of our budgeted goal of $58,000.  So we still need to raise the other 38.3%.  If you have not already given, you can still be a Life Saver for South Alabama and Northwest Florida.  Your gift is important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and is key to keeping things running smoothly, expanding the reach of the ministry, and meeting the needs of our community. 

THANK YOU for prayerfully considering your gift to WOW today. We are grateful to God for His faithfulness and blessings, and we are committed to serving your community and God’s kingdom with excellence.




WOW 90.9’s uses secure sites for processing gifts.

Donate by EFT/Check -- the "WOW WAY"

The most cost-effective way to give is the “WOW WAY.” By using electronic funds transfer (EFT) through your bank it's not only easier for you, its better stewardship for us. Chose “Donate by EFT/Check” above and after entering your information, click “monthly recurring” at the bottom of the form. Then your donation will be set. You can set it and forget it! It will automatically process on the 15th of each month. If you would like it to process on a on a different day, we can do that too.

Donate by EFT/Check

Mail Checks or Money Orders

Payable to WOW 90.9 to:

WOW 90.9
4000 Highway 90
Suite F.
Pace, FL 32571

THANK YOU for giving to WOW 90.9!

Because of your generosity and on-going support, WOW 90.9 has been on-the-air over 5 years, broadcasting in south Alabama and northwest Florida.

WOW 90.9 has been led by God to operate non-commercially and to rely on Him to provide the needed finances through the donations of listeners just like you.  WOW 90.9 is not affiliated with any one organization or church.  We do not receive support from the government via grants or other subsidies.  We depend on individual listeners from many different organizations and denominations to keep us operational. 

WOW® 90.9 is a non-commercial educational radio station dedicated to reaching as many people for Christ as possible through music, ministry, and community outreach.  All donations to Agape Educational Media, Inc. (a Florida Non-Profit Corporation registered with the Secretary of State) are tax deductible as applicable by law. Consult your tax professional for your specific situation.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization [Federal Tax I.D.# 26-0672612].

WOW 90.9 is a ministry of integrity.  Our volunteers, board of directors, and staff hold each other to high standards. WOW 90.9 will demonstrate the highest standards of board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of financial resources.

Note: You will receive a a year-end statement documenting your gift for your tax records.

WOW 90.9 Partner

Want to send a donation by mail?

Many listeners still like to write us a check. Feel free to send your check or money order, made payable to WOW Radio, to the address listed on our contact page.

Please include your phone number on all checks and your name, address, and phone number on all money orders.