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Flag Football Tournament - Pace, FL

2018.0303 Flag Football Tourney header



League Rules

* Each game is two 15-minute matches

* Team first possession is decided by coin toss (Winner of coin toss decides who gets ball first or which side of field to defend)

* Incomplete passes, touchdowns, timeouts will stop the clock in regulation  

* Out of bound plays will not stop the clock during regulation until 3-minute warning is in effect

* 3-minute warning is issued 

* Teams are allowed 2 timeouts 

* 20 sec play clock

* Any fumble is ruled a dead spot 

* Field is broken down into 4 zones, each 20 yards per Zone

* You have 4 downs to push the ball into the next zone or any other zone on the field. Once in a new zone, the downs start over

* Touchdowns are worth 6 points 

* PAT points are as follows ….1 pt from 10 yds….2 pts from 15 ys …3 pts from 20 yds …

* Maximum roster is 10 per team


In-Game Rules

* 7 players on the field per team

* There MUST be a Center to hike the ball

* Quarterback has 5 seconds to throw the ball after ball is hiked

* If quarterback has not thrown ball in that 5 seconds, it will be ruled a dead ball spot; the ball at Quarterback last spot. (Must be past line of scrimmage before 5 seconds to have scramble legal)

* Quarterback is only allowed to scramble for 15 yds maximum  

* Offensive/Defensive pass interference will be called

* Run offensive and defensive formations as you see fit

* Defensive rush are allowed only when there are 2 or more lineman present on the offensive  



* There will be NO taunting opposing teams (speaking negative about another team or players plays) 

* Touchdown Celebrations are allowed; keep it clean! 

* Competitive trash talk is not allowed

* Any form of profanity or taunting will first result in 15-yard penalty AND THEN REMOVAL From game/premises for profanity and removal of game for taunting  

* Any physical gesture towards opposing teams will not be tolerated



* Cleats or shoes are allowed (cleats bottoms MUST be rubber)

* Sport tights are allowed BUT lower tights attire must be covered by lose shorts or pants

* Shorts/pants must have no pockets or pockets will be taped before the games

*Gloves/sweatbands etc. are allowed 

* Must wear shirts




Location :
Pace Assembly of God
3948 Highway 90
Pace, FL 32571




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